Architectural digest at Intersection, an exploration of relationships, individuality and architecture.

simplicity is complexity resolved


Eva RaffaeLla MENGA

ERM is an architectural design office based in Brussels. Connected to the roots of Italian and German nationality, these influences reflect on multifunctional projects and objects as a result of an ongoing investigation into unobserved aesthetics.
Everyday lineair and informational patterns that tell stories are being translated into projects and form. Inspired by the human face and body within architecture we analyse the incomprehensible within ever evolving resonance.

Projects are created with a periodof self-imposed reflection, the in between. Wherever the starting point exist, the philosophy filters out the essence and transforms ideas into designs.




biennale interieur   2016 in collaboration with future archive

dutch designweek  2014 lineair grid textured 

milan designweek   2014 honoured guest at Palazzo clerici

biennale iNTERIEUR   2012 award winning by ventura projects






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